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Probably the most important optional extras are our Full Planning Service and Polls & Petitions

A parish council website will struggle to survive on agendas and meetings alone; it needs to offer regular updates and additions so that people know that when the return they'll find something new and relevant. "Live News" was the most sought after extra so we have now moved it over to being part of the basic package giving you the ability to add articles of local news and details of forthcoming events instantly and don't forget we can link Live News to your Twitter account so you only have to enter information once and it will automatically appear on your Twitter feed.

Let's face it, we are all curious about what is going on around us so finding out what our neighbours are planning to build is only normal. Our Full Planning Service adds details of planning applications in your parish to your own planning page every Monday without you lifting a finger.

How many times have you wondered what your residents feel about a particular topic. Do they want you to add a swing or a see-saw to the playground; would they be happy for the Precept to increase by x if the council undertakes y. Answers to all these questions can be found by utilising Polls and Petitions.

All websites rely on what we call "sticky content". The more you put into your website on a regular basis the more you will get out. So consider a Photo Gallery, a Calendar of local events (essential if you have a village hall) and directories of your local businesses, community groups and amenities; they will be grateful for the exposure and your visitors will become to accept your website as a full resource and the place they visit first for whatever they need locally.

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Building and maintaining parish council websites since 2005


Live Calendar

Live Calendar automatically displays the details of events that are taking place that day. You can also click on a highlighted date to show events that are taking place in the future.

The Live Calendar would be sized and styled to compliment your website and is recommended to a large, busy parish or town council where events and activities take place on a daily basis. Smaller councils will find Live News to be more than sufficient unless you're running a thriving village hall and need to publicise/track bookings/events.

The downside of Live Calendar is that it looks bleak if there's nothing taking place on that particular day and it doesn't have the facility to convey as much information as Live News.

The cost of Live Calendar is £70.00 + VAT for installation and £70.00 + VAT per year rental and support.


Google Parish Map

A Google Map is included in the basic package but you can enhance this map dramatically by adding your parish boundary and flagging up to ten places of interest/importance. The places of interest can also contain a photograph of that location. Click on a red flag to see a photograph.

The cost of the full Google Parish Map is £70.00 + VAT


Footpaths Map

Many rural parishes are littered with public footpaths. If you want to publicise your footpaths, allow residents to report footpath issues and you have the Google Parish Boundary Map, your footpaths map can be added to your website - £35.00 + VAT


Photo Gallery

We now have our own gallery to which you can upload and caption your own photographs which are laid out on the page as thumbnails which you can click to open them full size.

The cost of the photo gallery is £70.00 + VAT.


Planning Service

Having an up-to-date Planning page on your website allows your parishioners to see what’s happening in the parish and helps drive traffic to your site without having to do a lot of searching on the Planning Authority's website.

In 93% of our websites the statistics show that the parish council’s planning page is the most visited page on the website.

Every Monday morning (Tuesday if its a Bank Holiday) we visit your Planning Authority Website and search for any new and validated applications, we then place these onto your planning page. This is a fully manual operation.

£260.00 + VAT per year.


Polls and Petitions

Again, another in-house development, this application is unique and like many of our other facilities is only available through mh-p.

When installed on your website the Polling application appears on your homepage when there is a live poll on which people can vote.  The application is fully controlled by the clerk and is as easy to use as our Live News and Live Calendar systems.

You simply type in a question and a choice of answers and your parishioners can vote on the answer that they prefer.  When they vote a cookie is dropped onto their computer and their IP address is logged which is sufficient to prevent multiple voting. After people have voted they are show the state of voting at the time.  When the Poll closes (after 30 days) it disappears from the homepage and the clerk can access the final results. Only one poll can run at any one time.

e-Petitions is a more complex and serious application which allows parishioners to start a petition in a controlled and secure environment.  After entering a title and the details of their petition it is stored in a database whilst the email address they have given is validated.  Once this stage has passed the Clerk is notified and requested to approve the petition.  If the Clerk rejects the petition there is a requirement to give a reason for the decision which is conveyed back to the petitioner.  If approved, the petition appears live on the website and parishioners can vote “For” or “Against” the petition.

Any number of petitions can run simultaneously each being timed out after 90 days. People voting on a petition are required to give their name/address and their email address, the latter being verified before their vote is counted. Once a visitor attempts to vote a cookie is dropped onto their computer, their IP address is logged and the email address they gave is also logged to prevent multiple votes.

When a petition closes the clerk can view the details of all the people who voted and note any that might be out of parish or suspicious in any way.

As you can see both Polls and e-Petitions have an important role to play in communicating with your parishioners; there is no reason why the council should not start their own petition to gauge public opinion.
The cost of Polls and Petitions is £70 to install and £70 per year rental.  Rental charges will not be applied until your system has been running for one year.



Now you can upload all the documents that you wish to share with your members at the same time without having to send numerous emails.

MemberZone is a highly secure system with six levels of security in order to keep your documents confidential. This is far more than a simple password protected webpage, in fact, it's not a webpage at all.

We are not providing any more information about MemberZone here as it is only available as a retro-fit.

Please contact us if you are an existing customer, or when your new website goes live and we will set it up for you.

MemberZone is free to councils on our Webmaster Service.