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We're frequently asked how long it takes us to build a site

The truth is that it's more a case of how long it takes for the council to provide the raw information and sign-off on the design stage.

We have built a complete site in ten days

Tel: 01494 438904 for an informal discussion or request an information pack

Building and maintaining parish council websites since 2005

The Package

Unique Design

We strive to make every site we design unique and representative of the parish that it serves.

The best way to achieve this is by the use of photographs and, where possible, to integrate any logos, crests, typefaces and colour schemes which already exist.

We can deploy technology to keep your site looking fresh by compiling a library of photographs, add them to pages and have them appear randomly each time the page is refreshed or reloaded.

If you have before and after shots we can set them up in a situation where they change when a visitor passes their mouse over the photograph.

If you don't have any photographs we may be able to call upon images from our stock shots library which might be appropriate for your area or custom design a masthead or a logo to brand your site which you can then take forward to your printed materials.

Finally, we have "Choose your style!" which is demonstrated here and features some of our stock shots. The default style is number 2 but you can select another style of your choice which will be remembered for the next time you visit the website. This feature can be kept hidden from visitors and used to change the colour scheme of the website dependent, for example, on the seasons of the year.

When your site is finished we advise Google in order that your site will be crawled a little quicker than might normally be expected however, do not expect your site to appear in the Google list immediately, it can take a couple of weeks or so and its position in the list is dependent on other sites that carry the same names or keywords as your site. Our Analytical Reports which are produced every month will show you how your vistors are using your site.


Live News

Live News is a facility that you manage yourself. Using a simple online interface you enter a headline and a snippet of text to grab peoples attention. This appears instantly on your homepage. You also enter the main text of the story, an optional photograph, set a start and expire date and you're done. When visitors click the article on the homepage another page opens displaying the full article. You can use Live News to carry announcements and details of forthcoming events as well as news. Live News also includes a Noticeboard which appear across the top of the screen for greater prominence. Noticeboard works in the same way as Live News but because it's primarily designed for official notices you can include a PDF file as an attachment. Both Live News and Noticboard have links to the most popular social media platforms.

If you have a Twitter Account this can be linked to Live News so that anything entered into Live News is automatically uploaded to Twitter



Last Page Updated

Last Page Updated was developed and is owned by mh-p

It's actually four applications in one.

1. It compiles an A to Z Sitemap of all the pages and documents of the website.

2. It generates a special (XML) sitemap which helps Google and other search engines crawl and catalogue the site.

3. It produces a list of the last x number of pages/documents to be added or changed on the website and displays them on the home page.

4. It automatically generates an RSS Feed of the new/changed pages/documents.


Google Map

Our basic Google Map pinpoints your choice of either the centre of the Parish or the location of the Parish Office.

We do offer an enhanced map as an optional extra, details of which can be found on our Options Page. Below is an example of our Google Parish Map which includes the Parish Boundary and up to 10 places of interest.

View West Wycombe Parish Council in a larger map


Secure Contact Form

Like ourselves a council must publish its full contact details:

mh-p internet Limited
18 Portway Drive
High Wycombe
HP12 4AU

Tel: 01494 438904

However, email addresses can get harvested by spammers and we also have to consider the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation which came into force on 25th May 2018 so we recommend that no email addresses appear on the website but that members of the public use a contact form.

Please feel free to Contact Us.

There is also a GDPR Enquiry form. This form can be used to seek the acceptance of personal contacts to having their personal data held by the council and also use the form to request what information the council holds on them and to be forgotten

View the GDPR Enquiry Form


Email for Clerk and Members

In order to comply with GDPR all clerks and members of the council should use safe and secure email which is why we provide as many email accounts as is necessary free of charge. Clerks and members should use password protected devices for their council business in addition to secure email.

We provide full step-by-step instructions on how to add your new email account to your computer.

This enables the clerk to retain their personal email address without the need to resort to a webmail account and provides for continuity if the clerk should resign or retire.


RSS Feed

RSS Feeds are, in effect, a modern day version of a mailing list. People who are interested in the content of your website can subscribe (free) to your site and receive a notification of what's been added or changed on your site within 10 minutes of the change taking place.

You can receive RSS notifications through your favourite browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera) or by using a dedicated reader - our reader of choice is FeedReader which is a free download.

Full instructions will be provided on your website on how to download, install and setup FeedReader.


Monthly Statistics

Obviously you'll want to monitor how many people visit your website and we use Matomo (formerly Piwik) to analyse the traffic to your website.

Every month Matomo (Piwik) will send the Clerk an email containing the details of the number of visitors the site attracted in the previous period however, by logging-in to your account, using the credentials that we will provide, you will find a wealth of information about who visited, where they came from, how long they stayed,
what pages they viewed, as well as a table of your most popular pages.


Stock Pages Library

Once we start to build your website you will need to supply us with almost all of the content as it's unique to your parish. However, we do have a selection of pages which can be incorporated in your site if you wish including:

Powers Of A Parish Council
Role Of The Parish Clerk
Role Of A Parish Councillor
Role Of The Parish Council


Included Pages

The following pages, which enable the council to comply with current legislation are included:

Homepage with welcome message, "Last Page Updated" and "Live News"

About Page where you describe the work of the parish council

Accounts holds your budget proposals, income and expenditure and Annual Return for each year

Archive is a page that links to previous years minutes and (optionally) planning applications

Contact Form which provides secure email to the clerk

Councillors provides contact details for the members as well as district and county councillors

Meetings shows your meeting dates for the year together with links to the agendas and minutes

Google Map (basic version)

Website Privacy Policy

Publications is where your Freedom of Information Act and Data Protection documents are stored

RSS Feed - instructions on the use of RSS and feed information

Sitemap (A to Z)

Sitemap (xml) (hidden)

But, you are not limited to these pages, you can add more if you wish. Most council’s, who want to provide a resource for the parish, add pages for ‘Amenities’ and another for ‘Services’. Additional pages added to the website at the design stage are charged at £15.00 each.

Amenities – what’s available in and around the Parish – often broken down into two pages for ‘Businesses’ and ‘Community/Social Groups’

Services - possibly broken down into sub-pages to cover the facilities and services that are owned and/or managed by the council.



All for around £500

Everything featured on this page is included in our design and build fee but please use our Online Quotation Form to get your own bespoke costing.

This form also includes for your choice of extras from our Options Page

and it also covers your ongoing annual updating costs which are detailed on our Updating Page

This whole service represents unbeatable value for money for a website that is totally unique.

Please contact us for further information or to place an order telephone 01494 438904


But that's not all

We are, as they say, "in it for the long haul" so to reward customers who remain with us for five years we will give your website a FREE MAKEOVER - We will change the photographs, the colour scheme, deep archive old documents and generally take the site to a *NEW* status.

Terms and Conditions Apply